Fixed-term contract at YoGoKo, network development for V2X embedded devices. This involved Debian Linux, C, Python and a bit of C++
 — present
Maintaining various packages in Alpine (badwolf, netifrc, python libraries, …)
 — present
Development of BadWolf, minimalist WebKitGTK browser in POSIX/C11, main goal being protecting privacy while keeping good usability
 — present
Co-maintenance of Pleroma, federated ActivityPub social network project. This is helped me gain experience as a leader and code-reviewer, but also with solving interoperability issues between different implementations.
Started as volunteer and was sponsored as a freelancer between 2020-01-20 and 2021-03-31.
 — present
Proxy-Maintaining a part of Gentoo software repository. This frequently involves contributing to the packaged software and their dependencies, sometimes core system libraries to fix bugs at their source.
Studies at Lycée Expérimental (Experimental High-School), where I also participated in the maintenance of the desktops with Debian
 — present
Self-hosting of personal services